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AKB48’s Rina Kawaei and Anna Iriyama post on Google+ days after attack



Both Kawaei Rina and Anna Iriyama are recuperating from their injuries suffered from an attacker. Both posted on Google+ to discuss their recovery. Kawaei will be featured via video ala cell on her Fuji TV show “Viking”, while Iriyama shown with her fractured thumb, intends to keep smiling after what had taken place.

Meanwhile, Kawaei’s drama, “Sailor Zombie” episode 7 was postponed. Staff for the drama series have wished Kawaei a speedy recovery.

AKB48 captain Takahashi Minami posted on Google+ about how proud she is of the staff that protected Kawaei and Iriyama but also how sad and frustrated she is. Frustrated because of the acts of one, selfish person who was not a fan. Takamina feels that handshake events are important and how she loves meeting with her fans. It’s important to AKB48 and the fans for the ties they have built. And right now, she’s scared…scared of losing that special feeling with the fans that she does not want to lose.