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Sashihara Rino makes an announcement on Twitter about the attacks on Kawaei and Iriyama


While AKB48 members have been silent since a crazed lunatic attacked Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna this past Sunday, AKB48’s Sashihara Rino has posted several tweets. The following is a translation of the tweets:

Thank you everyone for your encouraging messages. I have since e-mailed both of them. I was worried for all three of them but I am relieved when I heard they are recovering.

I do apologize for those who have been worried.  I cannot forgive the attacker when I think of how he traumatized Ricchan, Annin and staff. Especially the fans that witnessed the incident. We do not want to lose any communication with fans because of this one person’s action.

I really love the warm, family-like feeling at handshake events. I  know there will be increased security but I still want to have that warm feeling. I am eagerly waiting for the day when we can meet again in peace and chat with each other. I don’t know when the event will resume, or in what form, but it will be difficult if we lose this form of communication. I love idols, so I am really hoping that these handshakes, not just AKB but other similar events, will not be lost.”

Album covers for Not Yet’s “already” album revealed

Album covers for Not Yet’s album “already” has been revealed. The album slated for an April 23rd release will feature four types. With Oshima Yuko graduating from AKB48, it is not known if Not Yet will continue as a three-member group or if a new member or members will be added.





Not Yet to release their first album “already” in April


AKB48 sub-unit Not Yet featuring (pictured L-R) Yui Yokoyama, Rino Sashihara, Yui Yokoyama and Rie Kitahara will release their first album “already” in preparation for Yuko Oshima’s graduation from AKB48.

The album is slated for release on April 23rd.

Rino Sashihara – VOCE Magazine’s “Best Beauty of the Year”


There is no doubt that 2013 was a fantastic year for Sashihara Rino.  The AKB48/HKT48 member took #1 in the General Elections by surprise and became a fan favorite.  And now, her run for #1 for the 2014 General Election may be quite positive as Rino Sashihara has won VOCE Magazine’s “Best Beauty of the Year”.

The last time an AKB48 member won the award was Maeda Atsuko back in 2011.

Congratulations Rino!