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Nakagawa Shoko’s new short hairstyle


Nakagawa Shoko is best known for her long hair, but for the first time in her adult life, Nakagawa decided to sport a shorter hair style as she has reached “Level 30” and wanted a new style for springtime.

Shokotan finishes Japan tour with a “Happy Birthday”, prepares for Asia tour this summer


Shokotan (Nakagawa Shoko) performed for 8,500 fans for four performances at Chiba Maihama Amphitheater as part of her “TOKYO SHOKO LAND 2014~RPG tour”.

The performance also marked the 29th birthday of Shoko in which everyone in the venue participated in singing “Happy Birthday” to the singer.

Shokotan is planning for her next tour “9lives Asia Tour 2014” which will take her to Hong Kong and Taiwan this summer.