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Umeda Ayaka announces her graduation


NMB48 (and former AKB48 Team B Captain) Umeda Ayaka (27) has announced her graduation on the 23rd at “AKB48 Request Hour Best 100 2016).

She was #22 in the third AKB48 Senbatsu (2011) and was also a center for the Under Girls.

Umeda was part of the second generation of AKB48 who joined back in February 2006 and debuted alongside Akimoto Sayaka.

She was also a member of the sub-unit DiVA.

Oshima Yuko and DiVA members celebrate Miyazawa Sae’s birthday



SKE48/SNH48 member Miyazawa Sae celebrated her birthday along with her former AKB48 second gen members (and DIVA members) Oshima Yuko (dressed as an alien), Masuda Yuka, Umeda Ayaka and Akimoto Sayaka (dressed up as Vegeta).