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Bandai unveils character PV’s and 6th PV for upcoming PS3/Vita game “J Stars Victory Vs.”


As a lot of people are awaiting Bandai’s upcoming PS3/Vita video game “J Stars Victory Versus”, the company has posted several new videos on their YouTube channel. And these videos are making us want the games even more!

God Eater 2 (ゴッドイーター2) for the Vita is the #1 game for the week in Japan


“God Eater 2” from Bandai Namco Games takes the #1 spot (selling 266,326 copies) on the charts (covering November 11-16, 2013).

Coming in at #2 is “Call of Duty Ghost” for the PS3 and at #3 is “Winning Eleven 2014” for the PS3.